Picture of Caroline Okasaki Silveira

Caroline Okasaki Silveira

Caroline Okasaki Silveira joined the UNINTER Global Hub as Project Coordinator in 2020. She has 15 years of experience in product development, marketing, design, and business statistics. Throughout her career, Caroline has built expertise in budgeting, project management, and road mapping. She was awarded a one-year scholarship by Soka University in Tokyo, Japan, where she studied Business and Japanese language and culture. In addition to her native Portuguese, she speaks fluent English and French, and is proficient in Japanese. Caroline earned her undergraduate degree in Business from the Federal University of Paraná and an MBA in Marketing from ESIC Business and Marketing School.

Picture of Fabiano Ozique dos Santos

Fabiano Ozique dos Santos

Fabiano Ozique is Manager of International Business at UNINTER. Based at its global headquarters in Curitiba, Paraná, he has played a central role in expanding UNINTER’s operations in the United States (9 cities); Europe (5 cities), and Asia (2 cities). Since joining UNINTER in 2011, Fabiano has assumed increasing responsibility in a range of Marketing and Communications roles, including strategic planning, investments in media, budgeting, student acquisition, and financial management. He has experience managing external PR and an internal team of 25. Fabiano earned his undergraduate degree in Communication from UNINTER and a graduate degree in Integrated Marketing Management from Universidade Positivo.

Picture of Glavio Leal Paura

Glavio Leal Paura

Glavio Leal Paura, a professor since 1999, began his higher education teaching in 2001. In 2008, he assumed the role of Course Coordinator and, in 2010, he began to focus on institutional internationalization efforts in parallel with his course coordination and teaching responsibilities. Since 2016, Glavio has focused exclusively on international education and the internationalization of higher education, having developed numerous programs, projects and international agreements with educational institutions in Brazil and abroad.

Picture of Jason Dyett

Jason Dyett

Jason Dyett is Vice President and co-founder of the UNINTER Global Hub. Based in Boston, he has 25 years of experience establishing and growing private sector and higher education initiatives in the U.S. and Brazil. He served as Managing Director of Harvard’s Advanced Leadership Initiative, where he led its staff in expanding a fellowship program for C-level executives re-focusing on social impact. From 2006 to 2016, he was founding Executive Director of Harvard’s University-wide office in São Paulo, Brazil. Earlier in his career, Jason conducted best practices research on information risk for Fortune 1000 companies and worked in business development for international technology start-ups. Jason earned an MBA from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Vermont.

Picture of Jeferson Ferro

Jeferson Ferro

Jeferson Ferro is the Director of UNINTER’s language school. He has 20 years of experience at the intersection of teaching, content development, and business management and growth. Since 2001, he has taught a range of courses at UNINTER focused on language learning, communications and distance education teaching methodologies. Jeferson served as Director of two language schools (Youtalk Idiomas and Words Inglês e Espanhol) for 15 years. During this time, he gained practical experience managing multiple branches, more than 1,000 students, and training courses for corporate clients such as Exxon Mobile, Lactec, and Positivo Informática. Jeferson earned his undergraduate and Master’s degrees in English and Literature at the Federal University of Paraná. In 2020, he earned his PhD in Communication and Media Studies at Tuiuti University. He speaks fluent English.

Picture of Josiane Maria Ribeiro

Josiane Maria Ribeiro

Josiane Maria Ribeiro is Head of Learning at the UNINTER Global Hub, where she develops digital education products, manages content for virtual learning environments, and builds e-learning technology platforms. Her research focuses on new teaching methodologies and tools and innovations in digital education. She has more than 15 years of experience as a professor and coordinator of language courses in Spanish and Portuguese as foreign languages. She also has extensive experience in higher education internationalization. Josiane has an undergraduate degree in Literature and graduate degrees in the Teaching and Learning of Foreign Languages (PUCPR) and in Teacher Training for Distance Learning (UNINTER).

Picture of Karine Alarcon

Karine Alarcon

Karine Alarcon is a Marketing and Communications professional with 16 years of experience, 11 of them in media planning in the Education sector. Her experiences working in agencies and as a client give her a comprehensive view of marketing, from planning, to execution, to analyzing results. Currently, she focuses on Digital Marketing, managing social networks and online media, planning and creating editorial content and online events, and internal communication. Karine has a degree in Communication, Publicity and Propaganda, from Universidade Positivo, in Curitiba. She holds an MBA in Planning and Strategic Management from UNINTER.

Picture of Raul Picler

Raul Picler

Raul Picler established the U.S. operations of UNINTER, which now has offices in nine cities across the country. Prior to moving to the Boston area, he served as Vice CEO and Chief Marketing Officer at UNINTER’s headquarters in Curitiba, Brazil. An innovator and technology enthusiast, Raul co-founded the UNINTER Global Hub in 2020 to enable globally minded students. He has more than a decade of experience in online learning and student engagement and retention. Raul is passionate about increasing the consistency of content quality for all students and dramatically reducing the costs of traditional higher education. Raul earned his MBA and MS in Finance at the Boston College Carroll School of Management.