Ariadne Bogo

Ariadne is a second-year student of Systems Analysis and Development at UNINTER, where she was also selected to serve as a Global Student Ambassador. She joined the Google DSC, a community group for students interested in Google developer technologies, at UNINTER as a software developer. Ariadne is passionate about public health and intends to pursue a career that promotes community health using technology. Concurrent with her studies at UNINTER, Ariadne is finishing her bachelor’s degree in Nutrition at the Federal University of Paraíba (UFPB). She received a research scholarship to study food security in Jurema, an afro-indigenous population. She is also part of a research project that models data from Brazilian Surveys and is a member of Peludos UFPB, a student union that aims to protect animals. Ariadne speaks fluent English and Portuguese.


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