Ana Lícia Braga

Ana Lícia Braga is responsible for software development, operations and integrating automated processes for fast, safe creation of applications and services for the Google DSC at UNINTER. She is a Specialist in an Information Security Management and Communications at the University of Brasília (UnB). Ana Lícia studies Systems Engineering, Systems Analysis and Development, and Cyber Security and Defense Management at UNINTER. She has 10 years of IT experience at the Instituto Federal do Norte in the state of Minas Gerais (IFNMG). After completing law and master’s degrees at CEFET-MG, Ana Lícia focused her career on expanding access to education through distance education, primarily in Minas Gerais. She has expertise in virtual learning environments and the Moodle platform. Ana Lícia is committed to bringing her best to the teams she works on, prioritizing ethics and competence. She values local culture, is part of a folkloric dance group, and has studied in a public conservatory since the age of eight. Ana Lícia is also a UNINTER Global Student Ambassador. She speaks fluent English in addition to her native Portuguese.


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