Uninter hosts events on peace process between Israel and Palestine

On April 20, 2021, Uninter’s School of Public Management, Politics, Law and Security held two interactive classes in partnership with the NGO “StandWithUs”. They focused on the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians and characteristics, dilemmas and challenges for peace agreements. The sessions were co-organized by the Middle East Studies Laboratory (LEOM) in partnership with Uninter.

Speakers explored myths related to the history of the conflict, as well as the dilemmas and challenges for peace negotiations. The classes were led by two professors from StandWithUs and included Sara Barcellos, a Fellow and also a student in the International Relations course at UNINTER.

StandWithUs is a non-profit educational institution focused on Israel. Headquartered in Los Angeles, it has eighteen offices across the U.S. It is also present in Canada, Israel, the United Kingdom and, since 2018, in Brazil. It has an Education Center in Jerusalem. StandWithUs hosts programs in Latin America, South Africa, China, Europe and Australia.

Foto (Imagem de Destaque) por Sander Crombach on Unsplash

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