What is the Mission of the Global Hub?

Our mission is to help students, faculty, and professionals navigate, connect, and suceed in the context of international challenges and opportunities.

What, specifically, does the Global Hub do?

At present, the Global Hub:

  • Runs a Global Student Ambassadors program that includes 20 talented students from across UNINTER degree programs and throughout Brazil.
  • Produz um boletim informativo mensal gratuito focado em conteúdo internacional que seja diretamente relevante para alunos, professores e funcionários da UNINTER. Cadastre-se para receber o boletim informativo e se inscrever em nosso canal no YouTube.
  • Organizes special events that are open to UNINTER students and the general public.
  • Provides advice and support on global content and partnership prospects to other parts of UNINTER.

Can I participate in the Global Hub if I am not a Uninter student?

Sim. O Global Hub oferece eventos especiais e um boletim informativo mensal que são abertos ao público em geral. Esperamos sua participação! Inscreva-se aqui para se manter informado sobre as oportunidades e se inscreva em nosso canal no YouTube.

I would like to contribute to the Global Hub. Is that possible?

Sim. O Global Hub busca reunir informações úteis que sejam de interesse e valor para os alunos, professores e profissionais da UNINTER com interesses internacionais. Envie seus artigos e ideias para avaliação no contato globalhub@uninter.com.

When was the Global Hub founded?

The UNINTER Global Hub was founded in 2020. It builds on a long history of international programs at UNINTER in Brazil and its previously established operations in the USA.

Where is the Global Hub located?

The UNINTER Global Hub activities and team members intentionally cross borders. Full time staff currently live in Brazil and the USA — with the goal of engaging countries and cultures around the world.

How can I get involved in the Uninter Global Hub?

The best way to get involved is to sign-up for our monthly newsletter, which will keep you informed of specific opportunities.

Why is the Uninter Global Hub relevant to me?

  • Students: We live, study, and work in a globalized world. Regardless of whether you’ve had the opportunity to travel abroad or to learn a foreign language, your daily life and professional opportunities are shaped by international events and relationships. The Global Hub provides you a window into the world beyond Brazil. It offers content, context, and opportunities for interaction designed to complement your studies at UNINTER. 
  • Professors: Staying at the top of your field takes continuous effort. The UNINTER Global Hub can help faculty enrich their teaching and their students’ learning by bringing relevant international examples to your content. 
  • Alumni: Your relationship with UNINTER doesn’t end when you graduate. Stay connected across the globe and over time by participating in Global Hub events and activities. 

Does the Uninter Global Hub offer degrees?

No. The Global Hub does not offer degree programs. Instead, it works with existing undergraduate and graduate degree programs to internationalize, enrich, and complement their core curricula. 

Can the Uninter Global Hub advise me on specific study abroad opportunities?

The Global Hub is a great resource to learn more about what it takes to prepare for a successful study abroad experience. We provide information and insights that are relevant across international programs. For specific study abroad programs, see UNINTER’s Internationalization Department website.

What is the difference between Uninter USA, Uninter Americas, and The Uninter Global Hub?

UNINTER USA and UNINTER Américas support students pursuing distance education degrees and programs of all types in the United States and in the Americas, respectively. UNINTER has multiple offices in the USA that enable and support the launch of the Global Hub. 

The UNINTER Global Hub facilitates international learning and research regardless of where you live and work. We bring students, faculty, and practitioners together to communicate across cultural divides and to promote new ways of thinking that are geared towards global challenges and opportunities. The Global Hub is a resource to core degree programs.

How can I contact the Uninter Global Hub?

Você pode entrar em contato com a equipe Global Hub através do globalhub@uninter.com